What is CBD Shatter?

What is CBD Shatter?
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Jan 23, 2021 | 11:47 am
CBD Shatter is a new product on a market. So, find out how it is obtained, can it cause a feeling of high, and how to use it correctly to get all benefits.

CBD Shatter has many names – concentrate, wax, and others. These products are similar in the way they are using, but they have different consistencies and processing methods. CBD Shatter is a novelty on the cannabis market, so not all users consume it correctly. Let's find out what is CBD Shatter and how to use it.

What is CBD Shatter?

Shatter is the final product of CBD processing, it is obtained by a long painstaking work. First, the hemp buds are dried. Then, using CO2 extraction, pure unfiltered CBD oil is obtained from them. This product is thick, has a nice hemp odor and an amber color. It also contains pieces of plant material or pulp. This is Full Spectrum CBD oil. Then it is passed through a filter to remove plant pulp. The filtered substance is called Broad Spectrum oil. This product is then filtered and processed many times until a white powder is obtained. This powder is pure CBD (99%), without terpenes, fatty acids, tetrahydrocannabinol, and other compounds.

Shatter is a crystallized Isolate with a little addition of terpenes. Terpenes are needed to give the product a pleasant aroma. Visually, Shatter looks like a light yellow plate. The Shatter got its name from the fact that it can be broken into small pieces or grains, in other words, it can be easily shattered. That is, this product is not firm, as you might think, but rather soft. When heated, it begins to melt.

Shatter can be called an СBD concentrate because, besides cannabidiol, there are no other bioavailable components in it. Usually, this product is sold in small round tubes. One box can contain several small Shatter pieces. You can easily break off a piece of the desired size.

The Shatter is suitable for vaporizing or dabbing only. Some users also add it to the food, but you can only get the full effect and benefits from this product by inhalation. Shatter features:

·         Melts quickly when heated. It is ready for acceptance in 1-3 minutes; it all depends on the method of using and heating.

·         Producing a lot of smoke.

·         Provides a throat hit. That is, when you inhale, the smoke will harsh your throat. It makes a feeling, that you smoke a real cigarette and not inhaling the vapors of the CBD. For many users, a throat hit is very important. It allows them to get the most pleasure of the CBD Shatter smoking.

·         Cannabidiol enters the lungs within seconds when inhaled and is then rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is one of the fastest methods of CBD consumption, cannabidiol does not pass the digestive system and does not waste its concentration at the end of the way. Therefore, you can feel the effect in a couple of minutes.

·         Shatter is a concentrated CBD, it contains an extremely large amount of cannabinoids. The effect can last up to two hours.

·         Shatter perfectly relaxes and soothes, relieves tension in muscles, and helps to calm down when stress.

CBD Shatter is not capable to cause a feeling of high or euphoria, because it is THC free. Remember, it is made from pure CBD powder. You will be able to get benefits from this unique product and not break the law, because it is legal in 50 states of America. Also, Shatter won’t spoil the drug test, its traces and metabolites cannot be illuminated in urine or blood.

How to Use CBD Shatter?

The Shatter can be called a versatile product because it is suitable for vaping and dabbing. We will briefly tell you how to use Shatter in both cases.


This option is suitable for those who have an electronic vaping device. You will need a Shatter and a glass flask with water inside. The flask can be purchased separately, but some models of vaporizers are sold with it. Heat the vaporizer. To do this, press the button on its body 6 times. This will be enough for the heating element to reach the optimal temperature.

Attach a flask of water onto the wide end of the vaporizer. The vaporizer is ready for use. Heat the piece of Shatter with the hot element of the vaporizer and take a few breaths. The flask will fill up with thick smoke almost immediately. To turn off the vaporizer, press the button again 6 times.

This method is very convenient if you are a beginner in CBD or decided to try the Shatter for the first time. The vaporizer automatically heats up to an optimal temperature, so the smoke won't get too hot and won't harm your throat or lungs. It is also convenient that it is not necessary to get the Shatter out of the box or break it into pieces of the required size.


A more complicated method, but it worth spending some time trying it. You will need a torch, a heating element, and a dabber. Turn on the torch and start to heat the nail until it gets hot. Some people wait for the nail to turn red. Turn off the torch and wait about 10-45 seconds for the plate to cool a little. At this time, take a dabber or dabbing rig and put a very small piece of Shatter inside of it. Remember that Shatter is a highly concentrated product and cannot be used all at once. Try to divide it into several similar doses.

Put the dabber on the hot nail, wait for a few seconds, and then take a couple of breaths. You will see how quickly the Shatter will start to heat and produce thick smoke. Take dabber in your hands and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. It is very important not to overheat the nail, because in this case the vapor will be too hot and can harm the lungs. This method provides a good “throat hit”.

The Shatter is a very economical option of CBD products. You can use one tube dose for a few days, or a few weeks. Shatter is often mixed with fruit, berry, or other types of terpenes. When inhaled, such flavors will feel very good, but it won't be too intrusive. Terpenes give the vapor a pleasant aroma, and you will also feel them when inhaled.

Shatter's most popular flavors are grape, blueberries, pineapple, berries. Store the Shatter in its original packaging. Ideal conditions are a cool, dark place away from heating elements. Thus, it will not lose its properties and you can always get only benefit from this product.


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