Does CBD oil expire?

Does CBD oil expire?
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Jan 23, 2021 | 11:52 am
Find out how to identify a bad product, store CBD oil correctly, and make it last longer.

All СBD products are quite expensive and buying a quality one is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, many users are interested in the question does CBD oil expire? Any product has its expiration date, so the CBD has it too. Due to this, we do not recommend buying many bottles at one time, it is better to purchase freshly prepared oil or tincture when needed. But the storage conditions and production method are of great importance. We will tell in this article about all the nuances of storing and properly using CBD products.

How long does CBD oil last?

The oil can be stored for about two years without losing its properties. Manufacturers promise that such a product can be stored for 14 to 24 months. After the expiration date, it can also be taken, but it will be less effective compared to freshly prepared. Shelf life is a conditional moment, much more important is how long the product can save its potency.

It depends on several factors:

·         Filtration. It has been proven that high-quality unfiltered oil can be stored for 24 months without deterioration of potency. It is possible due to the presence in the composition of all bioactive compounds – terpenes, fatty acids, tetrahydrocannabinol, and others.

·         Additives. CBD oil can be blended with various flavors to give it a pleasant aroma and taste. But each extra component has its own shelf life, so it can spoil much faster than the oil.

·         Extraction method. Extraction with CO2 is considered to be the best option. During this process, liquid CO2 penetrates the fibers of the plant and draws oil from there. CO2 doesn’t destroy the molecules and it fully evaporated from the resulting substance.

Any CBD oil, expensive or cheap, must have an expiration date. This information must be printed on the label and all numbers must be legible well. It is also important which manufacturer you buy CBD products from. A responsible supplier controls the production technology at all stages, so the final product retains its properties and can be stored for a long time. If you haven’t found such a supplier yet or want to try high-quality CBD products, visit OhBeyond website All our cannabidiol contented products have the results of third-party lab testing.

Does CBD oil go bad?

Quality CBD can still keep its color and scent even after the expiration date. The only problem is that after 24 months of storage, cannabidiol can begin to evaporate from the liquid, due to which the effect of the product will be noticeably weaker. Therefore, manufacturers recommend do not to store expired oil, but replace it with a new one.

Only high-quality CBD oil can keep its properties over two years, but it happens in very rare cases. High potency persists for about a year, and this is exactly as long as the usual consumer is needed. It is very easy to recognize a bad product, you do not need to be a professional user of cannabidiol.

Spoiled oil has a strong unpleasant odor. Note that good oil has a grassy scent. The consistency of a spoiled product becomes thicker and more viscous, it loses its beautiful oiliness and elasticity. The color also changes, from amber, it turns to brown. Sometimes crystals or plaque can appear on the surface of the liquid. Also, bad oil loses its transparency, it becomes cloudy.

But, despite all these changes, you will not harm your health if you take a dose of spoiled products. All you will feel is a very unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth and intense bitterness. If you take CBD oil quite often or daily, you will notice changes in taste, color, and scent.

If you take the oil rarely or irregularly, we do not recommend buying more than one bottle at a time. Even if you see a very good price, there is no need to purchase CBD oil for several years in advance.

How can I make CBD oil last longer?

Do not buy CBD oil in clear glass or plastic bottles. A high-quality product should be sold in a dark green or dark brown glass bottle. The fact is that cannabidiol loses its properties when exposed to light or direct sunlight. It is very important to store CBD products correctly; if the storage conditions are violated they may lose their potency and properties.

Here are some tips, how to make CBD oil last longer:

·         Does not keep CBD in the refrigerator, it can be stored in any dark place at room temperature. For example, a cabinet or desk drawer.

·         Place the bottle upright, do not place it on its side.

·         Do not store in rooms with high humidity. This can provoke the appearance of mold.

·         Do not carry the CBD in your pocket or bag. The bottle will constantly heat up from the body heat, which is not good for its contents.

·         Make sure the bottle is always tightly closed. Cannabidiol loses its properties under prolonged oxygen contact, so do not leave the bottle open unnecessarily.

·         Always check out the dropper, bottleneck and the cap is clean.

·         Do not place CBD oil near heating devices such as a heater, stove, or others.

Oil must not be poured into another container, it should be stored only in its original packaging. The same goes for capsules and soft gels. It is not recommended putting them in another container or carry them in your pocket without packaging. They retain their properties only in their original glass bottles. 

Remember that CBD is a unique product that has no analogs. Its properties and capabilities have not yet been fully discovered. Perhaps in the future, there will be more convenient storage options for the product with a longer shelf life. In the meantime, we recommend you carefully follow the manufacturer's advice to always get a consistently excellent result from taking CBD.


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