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More and more often, smokers, thinking about their health, plan to quit smoking or reduce consumption, though pleasant, but very harmful substances to a minimum. Sharp quitting, in the vast majority of cases, does not produce any results, because the body still needs the effect and the person goes back to cigarettes. At this point, the CBD tincture comes to the aid. It is an alternative means of achieving the effect, but without inhaling or swallowing anything. The tincture penetrates directly through the receptors and you have instant enjoyment.

The only problem for a beginner is to choose the right dosage and taste. The most frequently asked question is: “What is the difference between CBD oil and tincture?” We decided not to tire you out and tell you the main differences, features and advantages of tinctures over other products of our brand. This is what we will talk about in this article.

What are CBD tincture?

Terpenes are natural components of plants that give them smell, taste and effect. But the main thing is that the word "tincture" itself suggests a medical connotation and alcohol content of the drug. Simply put, CBD tincture is a medical solution made of dissolving cannabis in alcohol.

Tinctures are herbal medicines in which the active ingredients of cannabis are completely dissolved in alcohol of high resistance or other solvent. Their effect, duration and dosage are similar to those of edible ones.

In order to muffle the taste of alcohol and make the use of CBD tincture more pleasant, flavorings and flavor additives were introduced into the composition. All additives are low-calorie, which means that you can relax from the pleasure of cannabis in a few drops of the tincture and not afraid of unpleasant consequences.

Why choose CBD tincture at OhBeyond?

Find your best CBD tincture is like meeting the love of your life! It is perfect and it fits you 100%. The dosage, flavor variety, texture, even the design of the bottle - everything is perfect for you.

However, it is so easy to get lost in an abundance of goods. And how do you find the perfect CBD tincture?

We recommend you not to experiment and do not waste time. Our employees and consultants are not just professionals who will tell you about the properties of hemp tinctures. We are real intuitors, and we, like you, are in love with our product! And if everything is in love here, it will be easy and comfortable to find your ideal OhBeyond tincture. Just tell us what effect you want to get and tell us a little about your experience and features. We will do the rest ourselves. It will be your perfect CBD tincture and us!

Properties of CBD tincture

The high concentration of alcohol increases the effect of the herb and accelerates the absorption of its chemical substances in the body. This is intensified if the tincture is taken sublingually (under the tongue). Since it must first pass through the digestive system, the effects of the tincture when taken orally are likely to be more time consuming.

Since tincture, alcohol acts as a preservative, CBD oil tincture usually have a long shelf life, unlike other herbal methods. And this means that the shelf life of the tincture is significantly increased. If you only need a few drops a week, or if you're planning a long vacation away from our online store - buy a CBD tincture and don't worry that the pain will come unexpectedly! Your painkiller, relaxing, stress reliever will always be with you, no matter what the time!