Can I take CBD and melatonin together?

Can I take CBD and melatonin together?
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Jan 26, 2021 | 03:26 pm
CBD vs. Melatonin? Causes of poor sleep. What is melatonin. CBD for sleep. What Is CBD. Melatonin for sleep. Can I take CBD and melatonin together?

 If you ask any person what area of ​​study is the most intriguing and awesome for humanity, you will not get many answers. Cosmic horizons, ocean depths, distant corners of our own planet - such answers will be the main ones. But, many of us forget about the closest and, at the same time, infinitely distant uncharted area, which must be carefully explored and hides millions of vital answers—our body.

Yes, don't be surprised. Even though the human civilization has made every effort to discover secrets and learn the divine plan's essence, there are still too many blank pages in medical reference books. Of course, the efforts were not in vain. The history of medicine and medical discovery is full of dedicated scientists and physicians and the research that has enabled us to live much longer and better lives.

But the truth is that the more science develops, the more questions it poses to us. And our main task, using the knowledge already gained, is to seek answers to these questions.

The natural vertical of priorities concentrate researchers' efforts on issues that literally concern life and death. And factors that do not threaten us with immediate death are usually relegated to the background.

This is the problem we want to talk about today. About sleep, stress, and inner peace. Problems with these things will certainly not lead to immediate death. But, let's be honest, they can make our existence unbearable and endlessly sad.

 What is melatonin.

Don't get us wrong. Modern medicine has answers to all questions. Sometimes, the prescribed treatment to eliminate one local problem will affect the global processes of the whole organism. The result will be, and it will be acceptable. True, often you will have to pay not only with money but also with some discomfort.

In no case should our opinion be taken as imperative? In any case, before using any drug or implementing any treatment, consult a licensed physician.

What do we mean? It is sometimes worth considering the option of gentle and pleasant treatment rather than running to the pharmacy with a prescription.

This includes the use of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by our pineal gland. This hormone is better known under the code name "sleep hormone," and many myths fan it. Many believe that melatonin's effects are not limited to regulating the sleep-wake cycle, which is central to all our cycles. Daily fluctuations in biological processes are called circadian rhythms. The main circadian mode is sleep and wakefulness, respectively.

This is an established scientific fact. Other melatonin functions do not seem so probable to us, research is still ongoing, but many say that this hormone regresses age-related processes, increases life expectancy, destroys cancer cells, stimulates potency, affects muscles, and regulates body temperature. Well, we will not give the strangest theories since some impressionable personalities believe that, thanks to melatonin, you can turn into a real superhero.

The discovery's pride belongs to the American dermatologist Aaron Lerner, who made this achievement more than half a century ago. The possibility of synthesizing the hormone and creating drugs with its content became possible only in the early nineties. And the main reason for such a temporary gap was not production restrictions but the lack of research on the long-term effects of melatonin use.

 How Does It Work?

Melatonin, by itself, does not affect your sleep. In fact, it is a stimulant, thanks to the signals of which the body understands that a period of sleep is coming. The hormone cannot directly convince the brain to sleep.

Melatonin is produced, often at night. This period accounts for up to 70 percent of the daily volume produced. With the net, the hormone production is significantly reduced, and it does not matter whether the lighting is natural or artificial.

Simultaneously, during the day, our body actively produces serotonin, which can only be produced in sunlight with the transformation of the amino acid tryptophan. Serotonin, known by the nickname "the hormone of joy and happiness," becomes the basis for melatonin production.

As you can see, this is a very complex, multi-stage process, for the maximum effectiveness of which many factors must combine. Moreover, melatonin production has its own correlation with the age of the body and decreases over time. Also, the fact that this most important hormone does not accumulate in the body does not simplify the situation.

Thus, if you have established indications for stimulating melatonin production, in no case should this be neglected. It is better to turn to mild therapy, which will either be aimed at stimulating melatonin production or replacing its lack. The main thing is to observe a reasonable dosage because the body can help and produce the hormone less and less.

 What Is CBD.

Cannabidiol is one of the most mysterious and mythical phenomena for an ordinary person, becoming more and more popular. CBD is a natural extract of the hemp plant whose positive effects extend to many non-critical problems in our body.

CBD is a natural, non-toxic, and non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. The effects of this synergy are positive and noticeable in health and general mental state.

Due to its mild sedative effect, CBD can address many of the problems associated with anxiety and stress. Moreover, all the possibilities of cannabidiol have not been studied, and many more surprises await us. Even the effect, which has been confirmed and is obvious today, makes us consider it a significant alternative to serious chemical medicines at certain stages of treatment.

 How Does It Work?

It is wrong to consider CBD as an alternative to sleeping pills. Don't even try to use our tips if your sleep problems are related to health or hormonal imbalances. In such cases, you need to consult your doctor and carefully follow his recommendations.

Natural extract of the hemp plant, in other cases, may help you. But, it is fundamentally wrong to believe that CBD will help you sleep. No. Its area of ​​action is the sedative effect and soft and comfortable elimination of anxiety and anxiety.

Statistics show that 70 percent of Americans experience chronic sleep deprivation. Oftentimes, sleep deficit is caused by many factors. But, the main enemy of good rest for a modern person is stress. Stress is a huge and underestimated problem for all of us. And CBD can help tackle this problem.

But to be objective, let's clarify. The areas of CBD application are wide, and we are exploring new horizons, making life easier for many people. But experts do not get tired of arguing about the degree of positive effect on the body and the effect of cannabinoids on human sleep processes. The direct link is disputed by many, but CBD does not have serious negative effects is a great reason to use it for stress prevention.

 Can I take CBD and melatonin together?

You can try to level a modern person's problems as much as you like, remembering what was worse before. For a very long time, stress and insomnia are not serious problems that millennials invent for themselves.

But this is not true. We live in a time of rapid decision making, and our brain is our primary weapon. To deprive yourself of sleep or torment yourself with anxiety and stress means depriving yourself of the main weapon, your brain. These problems require a balanced and serious approach.

And, one of the great, gentle, and powerful ways is CBD. It will reduce anxiety and create the maximum conditions for you to go to sleep in a state of blessed balance with yourself. The second way is melatonin. Thanks to which you will adjust your rhythms and cycles and correctly adjust your biological clock.

Well, the third, most effective way is to combine CBD and melatonin. Both methods solve different problems, the root of which is common. And, if you make prevention complex with the use of both means, you will deal a merciless blow to insomnia and stress, without any health risks.

And, believe me, having experienced all the charm of healthy sleep, you will understand that its price is much higher than you could imagine.


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