CBD vs. Melatonin

CBD vs. Melatonin
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Jan 26, 2021 | 03:22 pm
CBD vs. Melatonin? Causes of poor sleep. Melatonin for sleep. CBD for sleep. CBD is better. Melatonin is better

One of the beauties of our life is the reassessment of values. Some many motives and circumstances make us look at things from a different angle. Sometimes they are tragic. Sometimes, they result from working on ourselves; sometimes, new views are produced by a change in our worldview. In any case, this is a sign of development and self-improvement. After all, each new lesson changes us for the better.

Think back to yourself as a child. Surely, nap time for you was akin to punishment. Still would! How much of the invaluable time that can be spent on games and chatting with friends should be wasted, on ordinary lying in bed with your eyes closed.

And the times of study at the university. Exam preparation, crazy parties! Sleep took the time and only interfered with the days of carefree youth. But, already at that time, the body unobtrusively hinted that a good and calm rest is necessary to replenish strength and renew our reserve of strength. And, you know, sooner or later, you will have to listen to his wise voice.

 Causes of poor sleep.

Understanding how important proper sleep is for a healthy life and psychological balance is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to take steps to make this essential process organic, enjoyable and easy, and hassle-free for you.

As you can imagine, if we have touched upon this topic, then it has a certain background. And it lies in the factors that interfere with your healthy sleep.

The reasons for this can be very diverse, but at the heart of each of them are health problems of a psychological or medical nature.

The most common reason to start worrying is stress. The most famous enemy of modern man, about whom millions of articles have been written and about which all doctors speak - from psychiatrists to proctologists. Of course, this should be treated with a grain of salt, but stress is indeed the harsh enemy of modern man.

The intense rhythm of a modern person's life, an abundance of meetings, impressions, and unusual situations all make the brain work to the limit. In the evening, when the time comes to turn off all systems for a reboot, it turns into a challenge since it is not easy for us to get rid of the aftertaste of all the experiences we have experienced.

The rhythm of our life, in general, is a rather big problem for rest. Lack of physical activity and our attachment to smartphones, laptops, and gadgets do not help us disconnect from worries and just sleep. The lack of knowledge about this elementary process does not improve the situation either. For example, many of us try to read the news or watch a movie before bed, thinking it will help our relaxation. But few people know that the "blue light" emanating from our devices is no less an enemy of sleep than stress.

Also, we sometimes do not pay enough attention to arranging a place to sleep. We are economical on mattresses and pillows, ignore the decor in the room, and spare money for a pleasant bed for the body.

But, all these are nuances of general meaning that are easily eliminated if desired. It is much worse if objective health problems, mental and physical, interfere with sleep. In this case, you will not be limited to changing the curtains in the bedroom, and you will have to solve the problem with your good rest with the help of consultations with a doctor and medication use.

There can be many reasons for poor sleep. What is important is your understanding of this problem and your desire to solve it. After all, otherwise, your life will turn into survival and will not bring joy to you or your loved ones.

 Melatonin for sleep.

Modern medicine today offers two main ways to normalize your sleep rhythms and the quality of rest. And the first of these ways is to compensate for the lack of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone with the widest range of functions. You know it for sure, even if its name says nothing. After all, his nickname is "sleep hormone," you just heard.

Of course, such a loud naming is not too correct since this hormone is responsible for the cycles of sleep and wakefulness and not for the process of falling asleep. However, the enumeration of his superpowers is only just beginning. It is believed to regulate body temperature, slow down aging, prolong life, is responsible for reproduction, has anti-pain properties, and even destroys cancer cells.

Even though it was discovered 50 years ago, they learned to synthesize it not so long ago - in the 90s, so the hormone's active study continues to this day. As well as the mechanism of its development by the body.

Although melatonin cannot directly affect sleep, it is because of it that we want to sleep. In the absence of lighting, its production increases, and with lighting, even artificial, it decreases.

The volume of its production differs in different age groups, leading to a violation of daily fluctuations and sleep disturbances. To normalize hormonal levels, it is suggested to take synthesized melatonin, improving the quality of your sleep.

 CBD for sleep.

Natural compounds obtained from hemp plants are fraught with many benefits and positive effects on your body. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD-containing substances produce many incredible effects. And, no, do not worry, we are not talking about drug intoxication. We are talking only about the medical and therapeutic functions, which are so extensive that scientists are still discovering them.

Needless to say, CBD is actively used to treat insomnia and its causes. CBD medications are especially effective when stress and psychological problems are the cause of sleep disturbances.

Gentle relief of symptoms of anxiety and anxiety is a hallmark of these drugs. And their effectiveness makes it possible to use them as an alternative to powerful sedatives and sleeping pills.

What's more, statistics from validated studies indicate that 80% of subjects responded to CBD with a significant anxiety reduction. That led to an improvement in the quality of sleep and the normalization of cycles.

 Which is better.

This is a very controversial issue that should not be formulated in this way.

We are unique and different. Each of us has our own needs and our own causes of problems in psychology and physical health. The choice of a way to normalize one's condition is unique for everyone and requires a special approach and preliminary consultations with a doctor.

Of the obvious and undeniable benefits, it is worth noting that both CBD and melatonin are relatively safe and natural tools to normalize your condition. Of course, no one can guarantee that any therapy based on the use of these substances will help you. But, you see, it is much better to try a gentle and safe course of normalizing your sleep than to immediately resort to chemical and powerful, often prescription drugs.


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