OhBeyond - why choose our CBD products?

Our CBD products brand OhBeyond offers everything you need for the pleasure of our customers. Fully organic products with cannabis extract allow you to feel the whole range of excellent quality and effect of the goods.

  • Product Quality Certificate
    All CBD oils of our brand are certified products in USA. Each product is tested and awarded the "Gold Standard".
  • American Industry
    All our facilities are located in the United States. This allows us to control quality and support the domestic economy.
  • ISO Laboratory Research
    In addition to standard organic laboratory tests, the product undergoes additional tests for pesticides, potency and other harmful substances. And only after 100% testing does the product enter the market.



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Our products

Our CBD Products

In our store, you can find such CBD products:

  • CBD Gummies and Candies;
  • CBD Lollipops;
  • CBD oil Rubs;
  • CBD Tinctures;
  • And more.

In particular, CBD Gummies and Candies is not just a treat, it is an edible high from every bite, relaxation and satisfaction obtained by the simplest method - through absorption of food.

CBD oil Rubs is not an analogue of hemp oil, in its usual and customary manner for our society. These products are pressed from hemp flowers, leaves and stems and are extracted from CBD compounds. This method allows the product to be not only unique in its effect, but also absolutely legal.

CBD Tincture is a means to reduce pain, tension or irritation. You can safely use CBD to relieve pain and feel better.

Why our online CBD store are Best

Our CBD store designed for people who care about their health, because all components are completely natural and tested in laboratories. Our main goal is to provide people with the goods they need, using which they will have no complaints about quality. That's why, before offering you our products, our employees, test it on themselves, and only a small part, as much as possible more proven, is given to your attention.

The basic rules of the company:

  • Sale of only original products and accessories;
  • Cooperation with the largest manufacturers of CBD products;
  • Affordable prices and fulfillment of warranty obligations to the purchaser;
  • Wide range of best CBD products;
  • Professional sales consultants, who will always help you with your choice.

What is CBD oil (Cannabidiol Oil)?

OhBeyond is founded to meet the needs of the local community and provide quality services and products for people who were looking for an alternative way to get pleasure. CBD online store OhBeyond presents CBD - based products - safe, non-addictive substances. CBD oil is obtained by the chemical method of splitting a natural cannabis plant. The product is not only completely safe, but also has a number of health benefits. For example, it can be - anxiety, pain and insomnia. However, the main thing is that OhBeyond products are not addictive.

Hemp oil, or CBD oil, is an extract from cannabis leaves, flowers and stems. Based on this extract, the most common product, oil, is produced by extracting safe CBD oil. It can be used orally, that is - on the tongue. This is one of the quickest ways to get the relaxation effect, because the oil penetrates through the tissues and goes straight to the brain. Then everything depends solely on your endocannabinoid system and the speed of your body's reaction to the received dose of the substance. Use CBD oil with flavorings to achieve a gourmet effect - when it's not only cool, but also delicious to have fun or relaxation!

And thanks to the rapid absorption of oil through the receptors of the mouth cavity, CBD components begin to work almost immediately after taking the first drop. Find your ideal dose and get the effect as fast as you want. It's all about CBD to quickly relieve stress, agitation or pain; to relieve depression or to calm you before you go to sleep.

In order to make it as clear as possible to you which product suits you best, we try to describe each product in great detail, take a photo of the instructions for use and provide you with all the exact parameters and characteristics so that you know which product you are purchasing.